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iPhone Flip Phone Release Date

 Apple iPhone Flip Release Date, Rumors & Leaks

For every Apple iPhone new launch Apple lovers wait patiently and look for the rumors on Google for time to time. We are waiting patiently for the Apple flip phone 2021 release date and have a look at the final device. The new thing about this new launch is that features and design elements are going to be unique and we will be getting a flip iPhone today. It is unclear that the new iPhone is called iPhone Fold or iPhone Flip, but we will get a name soon. We know that Apple produces the world best devices or which they take their own time.

The good thing is that we will be getting a flip phone with Apple polish and the wait is going to be enticing.

iPhone Flip Release Date


Release Date and Price

Sadly there is not even a rumor about the release date, leaks and patents yet. The experts from Apple are not even sure about the final design. Experts say that they are working on the foldable design, but might be releasing it this year. Reports also suggest that iPhone flip might not be available in the market till 2023. We know how secretive the tech giant is about their new releases and keeps everything under the wrap. Talking about the price it is clear that the new Apple flip phone is not going to cheap by any chance. The only thing about the next iPhone coming out is the name iPhone flip like galaxy Z flip.

Leaks and Rumors

The guesses we can make about iPhone are; one suggests that the phone is going to be true folding display and the other is 2 distinct screens separated by a hinge. We might be getting a huge display for sure and hypothetically it might have 3 displays that can get fold into Z shaped. This news is out of the patents by Apple in February. This year also the company is working on the design so launch of Apple flip this year seems to be next to impossible. It is going to have truly folding long display.

Things to be Expected

This year, there are lots of exciting things Apple fans would like to see in this flip phone expectedly. These are:

>> Top-tier Cameras : Foldables link the gap between tablets and phones. As the Apple’s competitors released such as Huawei Mate Xs and Samsung Galaxy Fold, they have packed the excellent cameras in these flagship phones. Users could see Apple save costs by choosing a single camera in this foldable iPhone rather than the full suite seen in iPhone 11 Pro Max and 11 Pro.

>> The old Apple Polish : In this flip phone, it is anticipated to see a design, which is going to make everything move smoothly. The lineup of Apple is flawless, as malfunctioning butterfly keyboards, crackable displays, and battery controlling older iPhones have shown. However, when it comes to function and looks, at least, the company has preserved a reputation for functional and sleek design.

>> Apple Pencil Support : With the introduction of Apple Pencil support, Apple could beat its competitors’ Foldables. As we have seen Apple Pencil 2 is attached to the newest iPad Pro tablets magnetically, we would be interested in seeing how styluses by Apple could be integrated with its upcoming foldable iPhone.

>> Rigid Battery Life : This time, with this iphone release date 2021, we are expecting to have a strong battery life like its rivals’ foldable phones. Generally, iPhones are not known for last longing batteries, but this time users are yearning to have an iPhone with a long battery life that may last at least for more than a day or two.

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