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iphone6 Wait Is Over : Faster And Bigger Smartphone Launch By Apple In September

Iphone6  Wait Is Over :- Faster And Bigger Smartphone Launch By Apple In September

The new iPhone is a huge hype in the market these days. All Apple lovers are waiting for the new launch desperately. On the other side Apple is facing a lot of pressure as people always expect more and more from the company. According to the trend, before the launch of any gadget in the market, the internet is flooded with the specifications and rumors of the new iPhone. We have also done our part and searched most of the blogs, rumors and have come up with this easy to read article about iPhone 6. According to a US survey the upcoming generation of the iPhone has been the most anticipated Smartphone ever. The interest of the people raised from iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.
iPhone 6 bigger

iPhone release date

The upcoming iPhone launch is most probably held to be in 2014 and it is likely that the iPhone will be released in the month of September. If this happens, then it will fit nicely with the iOS8 announcement. The company has also launched its smart phones at major events in the month of September earlier. Because of this we can expect the launch to be held in September. Another fact is that according to the iFun.de the company has also restricted holidays this month, of all their employees and this strongly suggests a launch of new hardware.


The phone is going to be the thinnest phone by Apple yet, about 6.9 inches and it is also going to dwarf the previous models. IPhone 5s was 7.6 mm if make a comparison. This design was accomplished by the” thinnest display yet” made of curved glass. This design is used to highlight the retina HD screen of the new launch. The device is also going to have prominent antenna bands and protruding rear lens. The design seems to be interesting and different from the previous phones. The buttons are much like air pad, at the side pill shaped. The power button is also on the right side of the gadget.  The weight of the phone is going to be 4.55 ounces, 2.64 inches wide and 5.44 inches long.

Battery life

The good news is that Apple is going to offer improved battery life. The capacity of the phone is not yet known, but according to the rumors it might have 1,810mAh.


The upcoming Smartphone is going to have eight megapixel front and 2.2 rear camera. There are several other features to improve the picture quality. The major feature of the phone is focus pixel and it is designed to speed up the auto focusing.


The phone is going to have 64-bit A8 processor and it is developed in the high tech nanometer process. The processor also holds the ability to deliver 25% faster CPU performance. It is also going to be 50% more energy efficient. The Smartphone will also have M8 motion coprocessor.


The device will have faster LTE along with the support for advanced networks of LTE, reaching the speed up to 150MBPS. While travelling, users will also get 20 LTE bands for better connectivity. The gadget also supports VoLte. This feature will let you have high quality phone calls. The phone supports Wi-Fi calling as well.

Other features

Like previous models of Apple this device will offer Touch ID and it is more powerful fingerprint security system. NFC is also installed in the device. The Smartphone will have iOS 6 operating systems. It was the goal of the company to provide improved integration for both handsets and desktops.

iPhone price

The one thing we are sure about is that this phone is not going to be cheap. This is going to be a premium device with a high price tag. According to the rumors, Apple will hike up the price tag of their new flagship as much as a thousand dollars. The reason for the high price is larger screen, more impressive design, new glass covering, high quality material for construction and much more.

Apple iPhone 6

Interesting features

We all know that the company has been using super hard technology for the construction of the displays of the smart phones. The company will use sapphire to avoid the problems of iPhone broken screen. It is a highly expensive material resulting raising the price tag of the phone.

How to buy

The company is going to launch iPhone 6 this month, possibly on 19th in Australia, U.K., U.S., Hong Kong, Germany, Singapore, Japan, France and Puerto Rico. The company will also take pre-orders online. The device will be available in 128, 64, 16 GB capacities.

According to the company the device is wearable and made of high end technology. Press members were invited to go hands with the latest gadget. Reviews are positively amazing. Retina display is gaining too much attention. Now the wait is over and people will soon have their iPhone 6 in their pockets.

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