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iPhone 6 rumours

Hot & Bold iPhone 6 rumours with Specifications

Apple’s iPhones have created waves among the youth generation around the globe. As it is known to all, the latest iPhone 6 has created lots of rumours including specifications, features and release dates around all over. It is said that the iPhone 6 is probably the most hyped launch rumoured gadget of the year 2013. The concepts of the device which has no real convince ability and it has leaked online and although none are properly substantiated from official website or notification. The iPhone 6 carries features such as a larger screen with more powerful processor along with perhaps customized new design. We have collected all of them such as iPhone 6 rumours wildfire, iPhone 6 specifications, instant release date and price rumours on various articles of well established websites and gadgets’ portals.

iPhone 6 rumours

It is heard that the iPhone 6 release date may be 27 September 2013 according to a blog post of the ValueWalk and the media event will held on 10 September 2013.

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Major rumours of iPhone 6:

iPhone 6 rumours

1. iPhone 6 to feature car adjustment tech with iOS 7:

The iPhone 6 patent is registered in United States Patent and Trademark Office where it is said that it will allow the users to adjust radio station along with seats of car.

2. iPhone 6 and iPhone 5S will include fingerprint sensor:

It has come to light that the iPhone 6 can take fingerprint and sensor via home button. It needs to be simply touched and it has been said that iOS 7 beta 4 includes the BiometricKit UI code bundle and includes strings for the sensor ship.

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3. iPhone 6 to be constructed from Liquidmetal:

The iPhone 6 may be constructed from Liquidmetal after a patent has been registered. The patent is represented by the Crucible Intellectual Property on behalf of Apple and Liquid metal Technologies in USA.

4. iPhone 6 concept shows potential for coloured aluminum:

An iPhone 6 shows the concept shows the new device to be constructed from colored aluminum in flavor silly. It will decrease the cost obviously.

5. Plastic iPhone shows up - is it iPhone 6 or iPhone Light:

This is the likelihood of the iPhone 6 which is being made from plastic is pretty slim but this device will come with liquid metal in near future. It will be another shot of iPhone 6 along with iPhone Light bears the Apple logo.

6. iPhone 6 mega price world wide:

It is rumored the the iPhone 6 will carry a 12-megapixel sensor which could be waterproof with a 4.8-inch Retina+ HD display with a 3D camera and fingerprint reader for instant sensor. The Prices of iPhone 6 are being quoted between $99 and $400 around the globe.

Conclusion of the reviewer:

Tons of others rumours are available online but nothing is confirmed from apple’s desk till date, so we have to wait for final announcement from Apple Inc. Gadgets’ analysts, Goldman Sachs has noted that the iPhone models will be a major problems for the company and they want to departure from Apple Inc.'s stores. So, iPhone 6 strategy will give new dimension of selling the older models, those are comparatively low cost handsets than this present model iPhone 6.

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